The Full Figured Industry Awards a.k.a. #TheFFIAS

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Oscar’s, Tony’s, and the Grammy’s, but you may not have heard of the #TheFFIAS, the Full Figured Industry Awards, until now!!!! It’s been a couple of weeks already since the inaugural event, but I’m still on cloud 9 about the night!! This wasn’t at all your typical awards show oh no, this was something special created by us, for us, and because of us!!! #TheFFIAS was created and spearheaded by none other than the amazing duo behind the successful Queen Size Magazine empire, Tawana Blassingame, Philip Drew, and their amazing team. If you were not present, you missed a real treat, so I got you on the recap.

Tawana Blassingame, Philip Drew, and the #TheFFIAS team, made it possible for us to experience an amazing event with non-stop entertainment, empowerment, and celebratory flowers given to honor those making an impact within our community while they are still here for us to do so!! From two amazing hosts, a jamming entertainment lineup, powerful presenters, impactful awards all combined under the same roof, to a house full of beautiful supportive attendees, this absolutely made for an unforgettable evening.

Host and Entertainment 

Event Hosted By: The Beautiful Ms. Nickee Mack #MsNickeeTheBrand @MsNickee no spaces no period, and the talented, #saverofalledges Mr. Nathaniel Jaye @hairbynathaniel_jaye. The pair brought the house down with their knowledgeable commentary, wit and charm, and their ability to keep the audience engaged at all times with their spot on sense of humor!! They fancied attendees with their amazing presence and skill to command a stage while working a crowd, ensuring a smooth flow for the evening. Our producer Mr. Reggie May @styledperception out did himself with a production that flowed like an easy current. 

The show Featured:

Performances by the Bobby Stone @thenewoldschoolbrand #ivitivit Sherita Ivory @sherita_ivory and Chris Perez @beardedchrisperez, who definitely did their thing and did not disappoint. And the lovely Sheena Postell @Mspostell graced us with her beauty as she so delicately handed over each award. 


Without sponsors it is pretty difficult to put on a great event. Successful events are never a one man or woman’s show!!! Thank you to all of the wonderful sponsors who helped make it all possible. They were Palmer’s, MsBeYouDoYou, Cdiamonds Cosmetics @cdiamondscosmetics, Hope’s Soap @hopes_soap, MVP Collections, Dress By Rasha Glamm @rashaglamm, ORS Atlanta, A Design by Diva, Avenue, Bandelettes, Chenese Lewis, Curvy Diva Girls Fashion, Imperial 1002, Zone Naturals, The New Old School @thenewolsschoolbrand, and Kelly’s Kloset Please check out these amazing brands when you have time and are looking for a little something for yourselves or others.

The amazing honorees:

Our FFIAs Iconic Honoree, the beautiful Alexandra Boos @alexandra_boos and our Lifetime Achievement Honoree, the Gorgeous Gwen DeVoe @moguldiva both stepped on that stage and filled our cups with impactful words that showed us exactly why they were receiving and deeply deserving of these illustrious honors. The strides that have been made in the industry are due to trailblazers like them and our world would not be what it is today without them. Both speeches gave many chills as we sat and listened to the wisdom oozing from each of them while they spoke. So eloquent, so divine, and forever valuable these two women will remain at the forefront as pillars of our community. They show us that it is always possible to reinvent yourself, stay current, remain constant, and be a force while maintaining your dignity and class. We thank you both for being you!

The show was an absolute success!!! It could not have been done without the entire team and crew behind and in front of the scenes. All of the hours and hours put in to make this event a success definitely does not go without notice. Tawana Blassingame is one Queen that always goes out of her way to adjust the next Queen’s crown and has impacted so many and their careers in such a special way. I am better because of knowing her. She puts her soul into what she believes in, who she believes in and her passion. Her creativity and drive has had a major impact on the industry and the community would not be the same without her. Her right hand, Mr. Philip Drew owner and CEO of PDrewphotography @pdrewphotography and the Vice President of Queen Size Magazine @queensizemagazine is paramount to this equation and his many talents and gifts are unparalleled. The rest of the team were hand picked by Tawana Blassingame so that can pretty much wrap up how amazing they are.

We all know that in order to have an awards show we need award nominees and recipients, and our group was made up of men and women with totally different stories and journeys yet every one of them are all working toward some of the same goals. Each recipient that graced the stage was deserving in their own right. Their body of works proved them to be at the top of their game in their respected area of the industry. In a room full of their peers, each of them accepted their awards with class and grace, thanking those that helped make it possible for them to be where they are today. It was a perfect mixture of beauty, class, style, passion, and drive, that graced the stage, so kudos to them for all that they do. I may be a bit bias to this community but it truly is a group that is working as a gateway to inspiring themselves and others to be better, strive to reach higher highs, while never allowing circumstances or flaws to write the story. This community works to show how whatever your situation May be, it does not determine your destination!!!

Award Recipients:

Other hosts/RedCarpet Media:  In our world, if there are no pictures or video, then it what??Never happened!!! So we are very thankful to our additional hosts and all media that were present to capture one of the best events of the year.  Ms. Tawanda Monique @moniquethemodel was absolutely stunning, gracing the red carpet in her Robert E. Knight @robert_e_knight custom piece that turned heads as she interviewed the “Who’s Who” of the community before the show. Images and video from the Johns Staples @jbms1photography, Bobby Stone @bobbystonemusic, and many more will keep the thrill going until it’s time for next year.

Congratulations to all of the winners and nominees. Inclusivity is at the helm of almost every arena and it’s largely because of all of us. I am so proud and honored to be apart of such an amazing community. Thank you to Tawana Blassingame and the entire #TheFFIAS family for creating a space where we can celebrate US with grace, class and style. See you all next year!!!!!




Photography by John Staples @jbms1photography and other media for the 2019 #TheFFIAS

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