If It’s Good, You Can’t Just Wear It Once!!!!!

Here is one of my favorite pieces this Fall worn two ways. I am the Queen of stretching a wardrobe, so I’m constantly drawn to pieces that I can maximize the number of looks I can get out of it. This hot little number is a perfect example of a great custom piece that is so good, you can’t just wear it once!!!!!

This is a very comfortable and flexible material that actually molds to your shape without sucking the life out of you. The high-waisted pencil skirt is the very same piece you see as a tube dress. Now, I am 5’3” so I can pull off the dress and skirt with little to no adjustments. If you’re taller of course your dress may not come down as far but would make for an amazing piece to go out in on a Friday or Saturday night. If I throw a blazer on top I can quickly turn both looks into a more conservative work option depending on the setting. To top of the flexibility in this piece, the colors and design make it almost impossible to see someone with your same look and that is definitely a win.

You can get something very similar to this look designed by Sakinah Beverett with @eyanicouture who is one of this year’s nominees for designer of the year for The Full Figured Industry Awards @the_ffias this Saturday in Jamaica Queens. Contact her today!!!! Smooches!!!

Designs by @eyanicouture 

Photography @charissolutionsphotography

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