Where are you located?
I’m currently located in Beaumont, TX.

How tall are you?
Arguably I’m a proud 5’3’ :-)!

What size do you wear?
My weight fluctuates, and my size varies –so at my smallest I’m typically a size 14/16top and a 16/18 size bottom; at my largest I’m typically a size 16 top and 18 bottom.

What size shoe do you wear?
I’m a 7.5/8

Do you wear shapewear and if so, What type of shapewear do you use?
I do sometimes wear a waist trainer, but not every day nor under every outfit. I get my waist trainers from Tiffany with Candy Girl Impressive Boutique in Beaumont Texas.

Who’s your talented photographer?
My photographer’s name is Alfred Beverly II with Charis Solutions Photography. He’s excellent behind the lens and I love his attention to close detail. There’s absolutely no Msbeyoudoyou without Charis Solutions Photography!

Who’s your fabulous and talented MUA?
My makeup artist name is Shamekka Thomas.  I can always rely on her for that perfect “BEAT” no matter what I am wearing or the occasion!  She is simply the best!

What do you do for a living?
In addition to my blog, I am a plus model,  I am an Owner of my Financial Services Business, Walker Financials and an Elementary Special Education Teacher at Amelia Elementary in Beaumont Texas.

How’d you get your start?
Believe it or not, this time last year I was just an Elementary School Teacher with a vision to leave my stamp on the world!! I got licensed and started my financial business and I made really great connections with other business owners and lifestyle influencers. These connections and experiences pushed me to create my own platform. It all started with doing a favor for a friend, taking photos for her boutique. Here I am today as a Professional  Published model, known as Msbeyoudoyou.

What does Msbeyoudoyou mean or stand for? Well, I’ve always beat to my own drum so to speak and wanted to live life my way, regardless of any judgement from others. In a nutshell that is my motto for living life!!! We live in a world where other people’s opinions and judgments cause us to lead unhappy lives constantly trying to fit into a box someone has created for us! A little under a year ago I decided to just be me and do me, whatever that looked like and vowed to be happy in that commitment !!! I want to promote self love and a body positive lifestyle that will help inspire others to do the same!! Together we will love ourselves inside and out while loving and living life!

I want to start a blog, any advice?
Be consistent, in anything that you do. I think of blogging as a 50/50 offer. Half goes to your content, the other half is about consistency. If you have great content but don’t post often, what good is it?

My other advice is –don’t compare your blog to others. There are so many bloggers out there and it can be overwhelming trying to find your niche. Stay true to who you are and always be yourself. Remember, originality sells!

Do you work with and collaborate with other brands?
I do, but I am still building my brand and establishing myself as a plus model in the industry so my number is small, but growing. Even though I’m new to the industry I’m very selective on who I collaborate with. I want to keep Msbeyoudoyou as authentic as possible by collaborating with brands that are a natural fit for this platform. I’ve worked with The Dream World in Fashion, SpitFire Boutique, Ashley Stewart, SHEIN Fashion and have upcoming plans  in the pipeline with several others. I am always open to brand collaborations as long as they align with Msbeyoudoyou.

May I use your images on my site?
Absolutely! Please make sure to link back to Msbeyoudoyou.com when you use my images, as they are copy written as well as give credit to all those involved in making this photo happen Smooches!