3rd Times A Charm!!! Finding Ashley Stewart Recap…

I’m sure you’ve heard of Ashley Stewart, but if you’ve never followed the #findingashleystewart contest or attended an event, then you have certainly sold yourself short. It’s been a month already today, and I’m still smiling about the night!! This isn’t at all your typical model contest oh no, this is about changing lives. Ashley Stewart is “not just a brand, it’s a movement!”

This year for the 3rd year, the Ashley Stewart team made it possible for us to experience yet again, an amazing event with non stop entertainment, empowerment and fun!! From a wonderful host, jamming entertainment lineup, powerful speakers and presenters, impactful awards and ohhhhh the models,,, All combined under one roof with a house full of beautiful attendees both The “Who’s Who” of the industry and your everyday Kings and Queens loving themselves, absolutely made for an unforgettable show.

Host and Entertainment 
Event Hosted By: Loni Love brought the house down with her knowledgeable commentary, beauty and charm, and her ability to keep her audience engaged at all times with her spot on sense of humor!! She fancied attendees with her amazing presence and skill to command a stage while working a crowd to ensure a smooth flow for the evening. 

The show Featured: Salt N Pepa, Faith Evan’s & Kid Capri who definitely did their thing and did not disappoint.

DJ: Olivia Dope kept the tempo of the night with her skill, grace and consistency and The Celebrity Guests judge’s definitely had their moments to shine and did their incredibly tough jobs very well.

The amazing scholarship winners and the CEO awards were just a taste of how @byashleystewart puts their money where their mouth is and truly makes great strides to show their appreciation for greatness and fuel their communities to be better and better as time goes on!! The real work that the entire Ashley Stewart team puts into their mission is the sole reason things continue to thrive. They know it’s about giving back as much as it is about growth within the company because as they give, great things will naturally come to Ashley Stewart as a whole!

The show was an absolute success!!! It could not have been done without the entire team and crew behind and in front of the scenes. All of the hours and hours put in to make this contest and event a success definitely does not go without notice. Tamara Ivey @iamtamaraivey is one Queen that always goes out of her way to adjust the next Queen’s crown and she has a lot to do with where Finding Ashley Stewart is today. I am forever a better woman and model from knowing and learning from her. She puts her soul into what she believes in and Mr. James Rhee couldn’t have given a better person along with a great team the charge to nurture this movement from infancy to now. There are so many other people that are paramount to this equation that I would run out of room writing, but every person that works with Ashley Stewart In any form has a heart of gold and drive as the is long, because the Ashley Stewart family feeds and fuels you in that way.

We all know that in order to have a model contest we need models, but our top 8 were made up a group of Queens with totally different stories and journeys yet any one of them would’ve represented the Ashley Stewart name well. The models of the evening were nothing short of amazing and commanded attention with each passing. It was a perfect mixture of beauty, class, style, passion, and drive as they poured their curves and their hearts into us In the latest designs by Ashley Stewart and strutted up and down the stage oozing beauty and confidence. I’m not at all bias seeing as though I was one of the models to grace that very stage just 2 short years ago, and these divas also came ready. Zanchelle, Porchea, Yashica, Christina, Addilia, Kiara, Amber, and Tiffany showed attendees that there is so much more to modeling and a modeling contest, it truly is a gateway to inspiring to be better and to reach higher highs while never allowing your circumstance to write your story and to show how your situation does not determine your destination!!!

Congratulations Addilia, we know you will have an amazing reign. Each year gets better and better and #AshleyStewart will always hold a special place in my heart. I am so proud and honored to be apart of such an amazing family. Thank you to James Rhee and the entire Ashley Stewart family for another off the charts experience and show, see you all next year!!!!!



Photography by bloggers/media for #findingashleystewart 2019

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