What Do We Really Want?

Anybody ever thought about getting something out of a store that you really loved, I mean really loved what you saw inside and what the brand itself stood for? The only problem is, when you’re inside there’s nothing in there that fits you, but the accessories!! I know I have had a few moments like that, and I’ve gone in and gotten a dope keychain, shades, or a bag, and my want was temporarily satisfied. I thought, man it would be great if they carried extended sizes. Think about that when you think about #AshleyStewart @byashleystewart and their most recent campaign https://bit.ly/2Ob8uox.

Click image to see Campaign Video!

Ashley Stewart is more than just a brand, it’s an entire movement! The movement is geared towards the empowerment of ALL WOMEN!!! So shouldn’t that be reflected in what they have available for their consumers and in their collaborative efforts? Think about how dope Ashley Stewart is and all the wonderful things the brand as a whole contributes to us. Think about all the women that benefit from their efforts both in and out of the stores. Then think about all of the women who are a true size 10 and under that can only come and enjoy a piece of the brand through the accessories and the few times a year their aunties may need birthday and Christmas presents. They can receive a scholarship from Ashley Stewart, but can’t represent and accept the award in an Ashley Stewart piece. How can you have an Inclusive campaign without partnering with individuals who have never done anything in that realm? Isn’t that what brings inclusivity, more than one being present? Where is the love for all Queens? Where is all that support and empowerment for all of our sisters? What do we really want? Do we want inclusion? Do we want separation? Do we want inclusion, but still get to keep some things off limits? Do we only want to include certain things and certain people and exclude others? What do we really want our world to look like and what have we been fighting for? what do we want the direction of our industry to be? Is what we want as a whole, always about what we like as individuals? Who are we going to allow to spearhead things and take the reigns? Will we support or will we cast aside? Do we agree that all change may not be good, may not be easy, but is necessary to be able to obtain something different? Shouldn’t it be okay to change things up a little to capture more of the masses? Again, what do we want? 

I know I don’t agree with everybody and everything as most of us don’t, but one thing I agree with is that things are always better together than making it a one man or woman show. “You want to go quickly, go alone, You want to go far, go together”. -AP-J. This #KendallKylieXAS @kendallandkylie is just the beginning for what we want to see in the world, right? What is the real problem with this campaign, because I’ve heard all types of stuff. Do we have a problem with the types of pieces? Do we have a problem with the individuals part of the campaign? Do we have a problem with the price tag? Do we have a problem with collaborating all together? What is the real problem? It doesn’t matter if it’s a Jenner, a Kardashian, Ashley Stewart, LaLa Anthony, Whoopi, Lonnie Love, or any other woman or brand, we all want everyone to win right? The whole “Queens support Queens, and fix one another’s crowns” saying, is not just cliche’ and something we can say; there has to be action behind it and it can’t be one-sided. We are all women and should be working towards the common goal of supporting other women. We should Support women in all endeavors intended to uplift, empower, and inspire ALL Women, old, young, plus size, thin, black, white, green, and purple. Thank you Ashley Stewart for all you’ve done, continue to do, and will do in the future. Thank you for blazing the trail!


Images and collection found at – http://www.ashleystewart.com @byashleystewart



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