Who says a one-piece can’t be sexy???

Let’s face it, today sex sells!!!! A lot of people still believe that showing more skin is what makes something sexier. Too often women walk right pass one-piece bathing suits because of the connection we place on sexy and two-piece bathing suits (mainly bikinis).
Ash W - Red Swimsuit--3
I am for any bathing suit that looks great on my body and one that I feel completely beautiful, sexy, and classy wearing. Here is a red one-piece bathing suit from SHEIN that completely radiates all things sexy!!! This Summer Season I am going to show love to the one-piece suits that stand out and make bold statements and share them with you all as I find them along the way.

I want to encourage you all in whatever you choose to do in life or wear, be as bold and as confident as the red of this swimsuit! Remember confidence is truly the best outfit you could ever wear , but while we are talking swimsuits make sure you get this one or one just like it from @SHEINofficial✨✨✨
Ash W - Red Swimsuit--6Ash W - Red Swimsuit--5Ash W - Red Swimsuit--2
Red One Piece by @sheinofficial https://bit.ly/2FgIbVU Search ID: 451621. You can download #SHEIN app now to enjoy app special offers.  Shop using code msbe20 at http://bit.ly/2tF7Qas  valid for orders of 60.00 or more! Smooches

MUA @makeupbyhannahsimmons
Photography by @charissolutionsphotography

Msbeyoudoyou- Love and Live Life you Way

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