America The Beautiful…

Innocence, perseverance, and valour are what we know our red, white, and blue to symbolize, but what is it’s significance for you???? What comes to your mind and heart when you think about “Independence Day”? How do you and your family celebrate? What do you like to wear?
Shein - BlueWhiteStripe-0121Shein - BlueWhiteStripe-0117Shein - BlueWhiteStripe-0100

Here is an easy, breezy piece by SHEIN that can be a fit for any outing you may have planned for this holiday!!!! The material breathes well and will be able to withstand whatever degree we are dealt on July 4th this year!!! The dress comes down long enough which makes it still appropriate for sitting on a towel on the ground for your favorite picnic or just to watch the fireworks with family and friends. The blue vertical stripes representing the vigilance of our nation and the purity in the white that calms it, pairs so well with the red pump and clutch that signifies the hardiness of our nation and pays homage to the blood spilled for us to be where we are today!!
Shein - BlueWhiteStripe-0134Shein - BlueWhiteStripe-0096Shein - BlueWhiteStripe-0123

So how do you like my choice of dress to honor our Nation this holiday?? What will you be wearing on July 4th?? Head on over to SHEIN for this and so much more and don’t forget to use your code for your discount!! Smooches!

Dress by @sheinofficial 


Search ID: 437997

Clutch and shoes by @ninewest
MUA/Hair @msbeyoudoyou
Hand jewelry @boujiecouture
Photography by @charissolutionsphotography

Happy July 4th!!!!  You can download #SHEIN app now to enjoy app special offers.  Shop using code msbe20 at valid for orders of 60.00 or more!


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