Just Nail the Shot!!!!


Do you ever look at images in magazines or different advertisements and say to yourself, “man I wish I could get perfect shots like those!!!!”? Well, don’t for one second believe the models woke up like that and that it was easy as pie for the Photog/Model duo to create that look!!!

Shooting in the elements

Model – As a model we may look at our calendars, check the forecasts, and ensure all logistics are in order before scheduling a photo session. We can have the looks we want, a general idea of location, but never really have complete control over what happens during a shoot. On top of regular things that could go wrong like wardrobe malfunctions, people running late, and factors that could alter your mood prior to a shoot, Mother Nature has complete control over the ultimate outcome of an outdoor session. Every location may have potential obstacles that you have to consider and Southeast Texas, outdoors near the water, not long after it rains and at night makes for a feasting session for mosquitoes on human blood. Pictured here you will see shots that came out absolutely perfect along with a few that really let you see just what we were up against trying to get these images!!

Photographer – When it comes to being a professional photographer, he or she must be willing, able and skillful enough to shoot in any element, condition, and circumstance no matter the day, evening or night.  In other words, if your equipment fails you…what’s your back up plan or do you just pack up everything and go home?  If the conditions are just not right, do you fold up your tent and head for the car?  If it’s too hot or too cold out, do you run for cover or do you suck it up and keep grinding?  No matter what, you have got to stick around to Nail The Shot!

One of the most hated challenges known to any photographer (especially those that shoot a lot of on location sessions) is none other than Southeast Texas Mosquitoes!!!  Have you ever seen one?  Have you ever heard one?  Have you ever ever FELT the bite of one?  If you haven’t gotten up close and personal with them, just stay living long enough and sooner or later you will meet one face to face!

Not long ago while out on a shoot with Ashley (AKA) MsBeYouDoYou, we quickly encountered these critters of nature.  We were located at the Intracoastal Boardwalk in Port Arthur, TX.  We were only there for a good 3 minutes and boy did they give us a welcome party!!! We were fighting, swinging and swatting away.  It really didn’t matter what we did, they were not going away.  Pretty much, they were letting us know that we were not welcome.

***See them attacking Ashley below***

Ashley W - Mosquitoes.jpg

Ashley W - None.jpg

Now she held on long enough and thank God her outfit, the Zip-Front Pleasted A-Line Dress by @byashleystewart was thick enough to ward off the nasty, stinging bites!!!  But she and I both held on long enough to Nail the Shot!

Determined to get the shot at all cost

Model – Every once and a while you luck up and get the perfect model/photog pair where passion, work ethic, vision, and attitude meet and are in sync!!! When you come across or experience this combination, you often find yourself determined to get that “it” shot no matter what!!!! We as Models and photogs must hold our work and craft in such high regard that wasting time (money) and failing to get a shot that can be used elsewhere should never be an option. We are always just one shot away from our breakthrough or that new contract or opportunity, so make every moment count and never rely on excuses to satisfy inactivity!! If our shoot runs late, if our strap or shoe breaks, if the weather doesn’t cooperate, and if we are being physically eaten alive, Just Nail the Shot!!!!

Photographer – As a photog, just know how to handle certain situations at certain times can surely separate you from that amateur to a professional photog.  In order to Nail The Shot, you have to be able to learn to adapt to the environment and situations you come across.  So in other words, first and foremost, learn your equipment down to a science.  Know the ins and outs to your gear.  Know how it works on the fly without having to look at a manual.  Take some time out to go and shoot when it’s sunny out, when it’s overcast and even when it’s completely dark.  This will push you to learn all that you need so when the times comes, there is no need to panic.  And lastly, to sum it all up as a photog, here are my words of recommendation, LEARN YOUR CRAFT….KNOW YOUR CRAFT!  Now go out there and SHOOT!!!

Well, here are the final images from the session…please comment below and let us know how we did!  We would love to hear from you guys!!!!

Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 8.39.54 AM
Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 8.40.18 AM
Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 8.40.36 AM
Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 8.40.48 AM

So, to be the best at modeling and photography, get out there and be willing to be uncomfortable for your conviction and purpose, and understand that it’s all a means to an end!!! The only end being Success of course, whatever that looks like to you!!! Remember to always #Beyoudoyou and Live Life Your Way!!! Smooches!

All photos taken and edited by @charissolutionsphotography

2 thoughts on “Just Nail the Shot!!!!

  1. Bbbbaaayyybbbbaaayyy this is dedication. I would have been and left. No ma’am. Great team you all make and such awesome shots. You know how O fee about Charis Solitions Photography. #thebestinthegame


    1. Lol!!! Yes lawd!! Thanks so much!! It was tough, but quick lol!! He hates working under pressure, but produces some of his best work when he’s force to!!! I often get an ear full after you already know lol, but he’s worth it lol!!!


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