What’s next on the Horizon for MsBeYouDoYou?

Falling back is not an option…so what’s next?

As we’ve officially brought Summer 2017 to a close and our Fall Equinox has evened out our days, what can be expected for year two with the MsBeYouDoYou crew???!!! I can’t help but pay homage to our year one, as it has singlehandedly prepared for everything in store for me, my brand, and my team!!!

Aside from everything you may have seen MsBeYouDoYou apart of, I am a brand ambassador with where it all began for The Dream World in Fashion Boutique in Beaumont Texas. You can find everything you could possibly want in African Fashion and guess what, if you can’t find it on hand, we will custom design and tailor it just for you!! You will be able to find anything from a pair of shorts with your favorite colors and print to a formal gown with African lace that will shut the house down for any event or occasion!! It’s Fall right now and the latest collection is a must have to make the perfect addition to any wardrobe. Items are available at our storefront location in Beaumont Texas as well as http://www.thedreamworldinfashion.com which ships anywhere around the world!!! You can check out some of the oldies, but goodies and latest fashion here!!!! Fall fashion photos compliments of @charissolutionsphotography and our anniversary session.

So what’s next on the horizon in year two??!! SHOWS SHOWS SHOWS!!! There’s nothing like an amazing fashion show with the hottest boutiques and designers, top selling vendors, food and entertainment, and some of the best attendees, but what tops it all off is the purpose behind the event or the cause it’s supporting!! I have the honor of being apart of some of the hottest events in the industry set all over the country in the upcoming months!! Just to name a few, I can be seen at the upcoming National Curves Day Gala in the DC BMV area this month, The Fall in Love with Your Curves Fashion Show and mixer in Houston, the 1426 Fashion Week #Houstonstrong event next month, and I’m also honored to be In the running for the National Miss Fashion Week Title as well as Miss Fashion Week Universe in Miami in December!!! What a close to 2017 right??!!!

The lights and the cameras and the Glitz and Glam squads are great and I appreciate every opportunity I’m blessed with, but 2018 will bring on the focus on my purpose for all of this!!!! On top of all the shows and appearances, MsBeYouDoYou will be empowering and uplifting others through a mentorship program for our future generations, a consulting agency for anyone and everyone right in our backyard wanting to transform or break into the industry, and of course this fashion and lifestyle blog designed and powered to help every individual to know the significance of loving yourself first in order to love and live life your way!!!!

Follow MsBeYouDoYou and Charis Solutions Photography as we use our year one to propel us to the next level in an incredible year two!!!! The time will be the only thing to “Fall” back this season!! Thank you to all of our followers and supporters for all the love you give to us!!!! Smooches!!!
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