Walking Beyond the Standard…

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National Curves Day COED Honors Fashion Show and Gala 2017

Models Wanted!!!!! – Females sizes 0-6 height 5’6 and above only!!!

I think I’ve literally seen this or some rendition of this a million times!!! Honestly, I used to let it allow me to pass on things until I realized if I continued doing that I would probably never work in this industry!! One day a light bulb came on shining on all of my inner awesomeness, and I decided to just show up anyway! Boy, am I glad I did because, from that moment on I learned how to Walk Beyond any Standard set by man!!! I stand tall at about 5 feet 3 inches filling out a size 16 and there is no casting or opportunity I hesitate attending or going after. I like to think I’ve even coined the motto of “Stand Tall and Just Show Up”!!!

This mantra can be effective not just in modeling, but in all aspects of life!!! We can’t be afraid to just show up and Walk fiercely Beyond the Standard, never hesitating to create our own!! Walk with me as I stand tall and recap the National Curves Day COED Honors Fashion Show and Gala 2017!!!!

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This year something amazing happened for fashion and for men and women of size. On October 14, 2017, not only was it the born day of the National Curves Day Founder and designer and creator of the latest Jon Marc collection, it was also a day where the National Curves Day team and @MVP_USA Collections created and showcased an amazing event that included women and men of size! They chose to Walk Beyond the Standard! As a plus model  this was so refreshing because you sometimes get tired of shows with only female models, like men don’t like to look good too! To be able to showcase great fashion and style sharing the stage with our Big and Tall men definitely added another dimension to the awesomeness that radiated throughout the building! The addition of the men not only gave an opportunity for them to represent how they’ve “been rockin”, @reginaldsherard, but it also added an extra amount of appeal that kept our attendees engaged. I know I definitely felt more empowered with our men by our side! Our hosts did an exceptional job in keeping the show moving smoothly with just the perfect amount of humor to balance the tone of the evening. Our honorees were more than deserving, gracious, and absolutely stunning as they received their honors with heartfelt words delivered to their supporters.

Designers –
What is a show without designers really? Well, this was not just your average show so don’t expect average designers!!! Especially since our National Curves Day Trailblazer just so happens to be one of the dopest designers around, debuting the @jonmarc_collection at Paris Fashion Week this year!!! We had some of the most talented visionaries in the building, lighting up that amazing runway with their creations and style. Fashion Forward, never before seen pieces made it to the NCD runway from sexy intimates for all body types to vintage styles paying homage to the Gatsby Era!!! Our designers delivered garments to satisfy every tastebud in the building quenching for a fashion fix, while showcasing how you can be bold, beautiful and sexy at any size!!! I was honored to grace the runway in beautiful garments from names like Selah Boutique @selahstyle, Divaplus Consignment @divaplusconsignment, and Fashion to Figure @ftfsnaps. There were so many talented designers, it’s too many to name so make sure you visit @nationalcurvesday on IG and Facebook to get up with the latest Fashion and  Designers ASAP!!!!

Models and Entertainment –
We’ve said you can’t have a show without designers, but how can we showcase the art without the perfect canvas to present the piece? I’m not at all bias when I say this, but the Curvy Bombshells and Dapper Bombers showed up and showed out completely for this event. Well, maybe I’m a little bias being one of those 2017 #curvybombshells!! The sleek, sexy look of the runway complimented and heightened the tone that each model created. Every single model brought something completely different to the show, highlighting the fact that beauty, grace, and style comes in all shades, shapes, gender and sizes. Models ranging from 5’3 to above 6 feet tall, both male and female, brought every ounce of fierceness and confidence they had leaving it all out on that runway to resonate through each viewers soul!!! I think one my favorite parts was the MVP @mvp_usa and Fashion to Figure @ftfsnaps collaboration that I’m sure was sensual enough to take everyone’s body temperatures to a new high!!! That segment left this Curvy Bombshell feeling like I could conquer the world!!! Thank you NCD and MVP_USA for your vision!!

The heavily anticipated showing of “Adoration”, a film created by Brian Tru and his team was an absolute success!!! This film left all viewers wanting more and absolutely engaged in what was to come next. Once the film was released to social media, it received over 20,000 views within the week!!! Talk about mind-blowing and I’m not just referring to the content!!! Kudos to the team for delivering a masterpiece! After all of this, every person on the stage was on a natural high, leaving the perfect window of opportunity for the finale that showcased the Jon Marc collection by our NCD Founder to completely blow the roof off the place!! What an amazing way to close out the show!!! The announcement of our Face of NCD Ms. Tazah Richardson and Our Curvy Bombshell of the Year Mrs. @curvykissi and a final walk of all who were apart of the show brought the evening to its official close. What an amazing birthday gift this was for the Queen of NCD!

Vendors and Attendees –
We had some of our favorite vendors from near and far setup to provide beautiful fashion, accessories, scents, sweets, and more. And what would an amazing show be without a group of even more amazing attendees present to experience and enjoy it!!! I always love being involved in something that can reach people from all walks of life and make them want to come and commit their time to it!!! The turnout speaks volumes for what National Curves Day, designers, business owners, and models contribute to the community as well as to the world of fashion! Kudos!!

This evening was about much more than just fashion, this was a showcase of how a movement started long ago is making its way all around the world and into the hearts and souls of all people! We must all be comfortable and confident in who we are and exactly how we are! We must love ourselves unconditionally! We must embrace our truth and not fear walking in our destiny and purpose. Great Fashion just like success and happiness is for Everyone! We are all beautiful just the way we are. Beauty is short, tall, fat, skinny, black, white, old, young, Beauty is within. We can’t be afraid to stand tall at any level and Walk Beyond the Standard!!

Me standing tall at about 5’3, left me very humbled and honored to be apart of this amazing event!!! Thank you to the NationalCurvesDay Founder, Aubrey Boyd and Co-Founder ZaK (KSecret Dunbar), and the designers for allowing me to Walk Beyond the Standard!!

Always remember to Beyoudoyou and Live and Love Life Your Way!!!! Smooches

Photography creds to JrJIII Photography




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I am a petite plus model, fashion/lifestyle blogger, and body activist here to empower and encourage you to BeYouDoYou while living and loving life your way! Smooches

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