Honing YOUR Craft…

Honing your craft is not an option, but a Necessity!!! (Invest, Invest, Invest!)

There are some professions that just get the raw end of the deal, where it is assumed to be easy or void from real work. In my opinion, becoming an actual working model is one of these underrated career choices!

I must say that I myself acquired a new found respect for the industry once thrusted into it!!! Nobody cared that I was new to it or had little experience, if you have the nerve to show up you’d better show out!!! I immediately figured out it was time to sink or swim!! Since sinking was no option for me, swimming meant me honing my craft by investing in me!!! For a model, trust me we have more ways than one to invest in ourselves so let’s take one thing at a time. First, we must invest time into preparation, learning, gaining experience etc. all of that can come in all different forms so the secret is to just get busy. Next, of course the one thing we can never have enough of is money!! There is some little birdie flying all around telling all aspiring models that you shouldn’t have to pay to get your start in the industry. Saying that if a particular place asks you for money, then it must be fraud! Let me tell you, there are many fraudulent people out there trying to take advantage of young, willing, free spirits desperately trying to make their debut however, don’t think for a second we don’t have to pay to make money if that makes any sense!! A serious model invests time, money, sacrifice, etc to be great!! Models come a dime a dozen, so we must set ourselves apart someway somehow!! Lastly, I mentioned sacrifice! Yes, it is a complete sacrifice to being a working model especially with a family and or a 9-5!!! We can’t always make everyone happy and we can’t do everything, so I feel the faster we accept that truth, the easier our journey becomes. Our nine to Five helps us to survive, but I don’t know about all of you I know I don’t just want to survive!! I want to be me and do me while “Loving and Living” life to the fullest!! The way to do that is by investing in our dreams in order for them to become our reality!! The goal is to turn your passion into your paycheck!!

Here you can have a bird’s-eyed view of my most recent model workshop I was privileged to attend, “Core to the Runway” with Cherilee Davis on FB andย  @davischerilee in IG. I can sum it all into one word, “Amazing”!!! This class was stock piled with a wealth of information, hands on training, individual assessments, best practice tips, body strengthening techniques I could go on and on!! All of this for a very affordable price and best of all, getting all of this while being in the presence of such beautiful people both inside and out!! Cherry D is an absolute jewel and genuinely wants to help others with what she’s spent eight years plus perfecting in this cold, bold, cruel, beautiful, crippling, rewarding, draining, fulfilling industry we are all working diligently to satisfy or purpose in. To all of my current and aspiring models friends, be sure to check out these workshops and I promise you won’t be disappointed!!! Smooches!!!


2 thoughts on “Honing YOUR Craft…

  1. I’m so touched by your words and so grateful. I truly pray that student feels this way after attending my workshops. Getting 5 stars and compliments like this is an extra push for me to know I am doing a good job. That’s all I want to help and be the best I can be at doing it. Thank you again ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜


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