Fat or FAT? Fashionable and Thick that is!!!

You know that not so good feeling you get when you hear or say the word fat? Well, there’s a reason you feel like you’re doing something wrong when saying it, and it’s because society has taught us to associate the word fat with bad or having some sort of negative connotation, energy, or vibe! What if we could actually realize the huge impact such a small word could have on the well being of individuals all across the world, and decided to use it in a way to uplift instead of tear down? That’s exactly what this self-made Mogul, native to New Orleans and now residing in Houston, Texas set out to do and is doing it quite well!!!

Tonight I attended the Fashionable and Thick Presents Glamour Glitz and Curves Models on a Mission Fashion show event benefiting the Houston Food Bank hosted by Houston native, Karen Washington aka “The Voice”! If the purpose Ms. Dee Moore has for this movement wasn’t great enough, she partnered with the Houston Food Bank so this entire event could also give back to the community in more ways than one!!! Each attendee was asked to give 2 non-perishable food items to donate to the food bank towards a fighting hunger for all campaign. Talk about a Mogul Worthy Moment!!! Who doesn’t like to party with a purpose and tonight we all got a chance to be FAT, Fashionable and Thick that is, for the cause.

The show was an absolute success!!! Dee Moore and her team made magic by offering a seamless production despite poor weather conditions leading up to the show! The Host for the evening, a Houston native now residing in Jacksonville Florida Ms. Karen Washington also known as “The Voice”, brought the house down with her quick witted commentary and her ability to keep her audience engaged at all times!! She fancied us with breaks for amazing door prizes and sponsor awards to ensure a smooth flow for the evening. The event coordinator for the show Lakisha Mosley with KLK Events and Designs, along with the entire behind the scenes crew including the photographer Don Mills with One Shot Photography and DJ Coolie C’s work was nothing short of perfection with creative touches in all the right areas, sealing the deal for an award winning night.

An event such as this simply can not be successful without a strong turnout from relevant vendors and sponsors and this was no issue for our shining star on the rise. There was an amazing turnout from vendors specializing in fashion, beauty, health tips and food, you name it and there was a booth for it!!! Limbrick’s Fine Events and Catering had the entire place smelling like the French Quarter in New Orleans with their signature shrimp and grits!! Some of the amazing sponsors of the evening included, CEO of DeVoe Signature Events, Founder and Executive Producer of Full Figured Fashion Week, Gwen DeVoe, Creme of Nature, FabUplus Magazine, Avenue, and Rich Girl Cosmetics just to name a few!! Every VIP ticket holder received a special bag filled with goodies from these sponsors upon checking in. Additional sponsors included, One Shot Photography, D.J. Coolie- C, KLK Events and Designs, Klassy K Boutique, SkirtsisFashion, and the Dorcas Collection. Selfies or Usies, LLC was also in the building to aid in all of our photo booth fun.

We all know that in order to have a fashion show of all fashion shows, we must have models who are able to bring each piece that they put on to life while telling a story for their audience that emulates the designers exact vision and feeling for their design. The models of the evening were nothing short of amazing and commanded our attention with each passing. It was a perfect mixture of well known plus-size models and new faces all of whom poured their curves into the designs and strutted down the runway oozing confidence. Just to name a few, we had Tish Bostic, Calvetta Lane, Monica Prince, Carolyn White, Heather Fontenot, and Ashly Bosworth, Knetha Roberts, Jasmine Thompson, Cherlyn Jones, Shana Mims, Stella Mae, Barby Torres and Evelyn Syon. These ladies along with several other beauties showed us that modeling truly is an art!

Now leaving the best for last, there is no fashion show without new and fresh designs and our designers and brands for the evening were unparalleled. This group of designers/brands included Cato’s Fashion, Klassy K Boutique, The Avenue, Girl Code Boutique, Yesac Boutique, SkirtisFashion, Love Me Curved Lingerie Boutique, Fashionista Boutique and of course the Dorcas Collection. These names lit up the runway with their unique and inspiring designs from casual wear to evening dresses to lingerie and even swimwear, to quench every individuals thirst for a variety of fashion and style. Our senses were literally heightened each and every time a design took the top of the runway. When I asked a few attendees at the end of the show for their favorite designer of the evening, they could not choose just one which speaks volumes for this amazing lineup.

Our lady of the hour of course closed the show with a line of looks that can make any woman feel beautiful. Her designs screamed sophistication and flowed with ease allowing each muse to become a storyteller with their garment as they owned the runway. Whenever I hear the word fat, I’ll no longer link it with something negative thanks to Dee Moore and Fashionable and Thick, every person in attendance can now hear the word FAT and feel they can conquer an entire room with their confidence and beauty. Bravo Queen, for an amazing show!!!!

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