Orange Is The New Black….33 and Fabulous!

Crushing the myth that plus size woman can’t wear bright colors was intentional today for my born day. What better way to add a bit of flare to my birthday, than this whimsical, orange, Tie Front, Hi-Lo dress from @AshleyStewart!!! This piece has a great material that is easy to breathe, making it a perfect addition to your Summer wardrobe! Pair with a neutral sandal (lolaboutiqes) and the perfect accessories to accent and you can dress this up or down to suit just about any occasion.

Today I’m not only a year older and wiser, but extremely blessed to have had the experiences I have this year. I am so grateful to those both in the industry and out, that I have met and made lasting relationships with. I’m super excited for what’s in store for this new year. When people asked if I had anything special planned for today I responded no, when in actuality I really did. My plans these days just don’t differ too much from day to day. Each day I’m blessed to open my eyes, I vow to work to be the very best version of myself possible and to help others do the same.

So, today as I celebrate my birthday I pray I have helped someone see that you can wear bright colors and be beautiful at any size. Let’s break down the barrier between sizes 12 and up and bright colored ensembles. If I can help just one person that feels they are not skinny enough to put on a bright colored outfit turn and pick up a dress like this and be confident in the fact that they can rock it, that would be the perfect gift!!! So, what’s my plan for tomorrow? Make sure you follow me @msbeyoudoyou on FB, IG, and Twitter and visit as often as possible to see, smooches!!!!

Photography by Charis Solutions Photography.

Ashley BDay-0009Ashley BDay-0028Ashley BDay-0049Ashley BDay-0054Ashley BDay-0066

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