I am Awakened…

What started as a favor for a friend’s clothing line has singlehandedly become just as natural and constant as each breath I take! One day I woke up and realized I’m here to empower, uplift, inspire, promote self love, exude body positivity, innovate, transcend beauty standards, while fueling all of you to simply beyoudoyou as you Live and Love every minute of life!!!! Have you ever just wanted to tap into your roots? Exploring new things outside of your comfort zone can be down right liberating!!! African Fashion brings out my inner beauty while pulling to the forefront every ounce of confidence that settles within me!! The boldness, the richness of color, and the feeling of home seeps through every strand! Here are just a couple of pieces from The Dream World in Fashion, that really caught my eye!! Stay tuned for more!

MUA: @themakeupartist_
Photography by: @charissolutionsphotography
African Print Fashion:  The Dream World In Fashion


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