MsBeYouDoYou | Loving and Living You…


Are you waking up living each day to the fullest? As for me, I’m doing more than just posting pretty photos, I am trying to touch and empower others with my work by fulfilling my purpose to help you see that you can do exactly what I’m doing and be absolutely beautiful while doing it!!!

I like to be me and do me while loving every minute of it! Fall Is a season that allows me to express myself in a way like no other season can!!! The colors, the scenery, the freshness in the air all work together to create a tapestry of savory goodness! A bold scarf, neutral duster, or crisp hat can be the subtle difference between your look representing the Art that is fashion or becoming the lead story for a segment of “What not to Wear”!!! Stay tuned for more Fall Fashion ideas!!!! Smooches!!!

MUA: @themakeupartist_
Photography:  @charissolutionsphotography

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