Fall Prints, Prints, Prints!!!

prints-prints-prints2 prints-prints-prints1

One of the myths of a BBW out there is that you must stay far far away from prints! How far from the truth is this?? I’ll tell you that I was once a woman that would shy away from buying prints because I grew up thinking that they accent the things we don’t want magnified! I’m sure many of you out there were told or grew up thinking the same things. I’m here to tell you to stop it right now!!! If you come across a garment with some beautiful colors and prints you absolutely can’t take your eyes away from, get it and don’t hesitate!!! If you have a “big butt” and it’s a pair of pants, so what, own it!!!  Wear It!!!  BeYouDoYou!!! Love You and Live You!

Here I have two different outfits with flower prints that I absolutely adore. This waist length zipper front jacket is from Forever21 and it can be worn opened or closed, with several different bottoms. I simply threw a black tee underneath and a pair of black pants and booties, and was good to go!  The jacket is also very light so it can be worn on the best days of Fall!

This flowered print, sheer duster from Forever21 is an absolute conversation piece!! The flow of the train in the back adds character to anything you choose to wear underneath!! The rich colors of Fall that are intertwined with each flower draws every eye in the room your way!! Dress this piece up with a formed fitting, calve length dress with great color contrast and bold accessories, or dress it down with a neutral colored tee and a pair of ripped jeans, either way you will steal the room!!! Pictured here I chose to wear a neutral colored calve length dress and a pair of heels to spice up my print!!! A simple choker gives a little character to finish off my ensemble! Everything from head to to can be found at my home away from home, Forever XXI!!  So the next time you’re wondering if prints are for plus size women, the answer is BeYouDoYou and Love every minute of it!!!!!  Smooches!!!!

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