The “Curve-A-Thon” and “Who’s Got Curves!” Launch

Ok CURVY GIRLS! This was Historic for our community! I don’t know about you guys, but when I heard there would be SIX MODEL CASTINGS, just for Curvy Girls, under 1 ROOF! I knew I had to be in the building. Over the three years I have been in the game, I should be able to fly for free from now on as much as I have been on a plane. Being a model from Texas, I have to pretty much travel for everything I do that isn’t social media focused. I am the one that always wants the opportunity to #shootmyshot, so when I can do it six times at once, bring it on!! Putting all of this under one rough, in one city, on one day, was an answer to my prayers and my purse. 

 On Jan. 18, in Atlanta Georgia, A Super-Casting for the TOP EVENTS & SHOWS for PLUS MODELS & PLUS TALENT around the country happened all in one place. Thanks to @therealpoprah, @Moguldiva, @malthemodel, @mariedenee, @lanebryant, @byashleystewart, @the_curve_alliance, and a whole host of other sponsors and vendors, The 1st Ever “CurveAThon” -followed by the Launch Party, for the New Reality Tv Show “Who’s Got Curves!” was made possible. We were able to gain access to a whole host of knowledge the first part of the day delivered by, Marie Denee of @thecurvyfashionista and Kendra J. Louis of @thebossarchitect. Immediately followed was our time to patronize some amazing vendors and prepare for our time to shine. Each model went one by one to show just what they had to offer in front of a panel of casting directors and brand representatives. We all walked for our lives and smiled for the camera in hopes to gain opportunities for future work in our industry. This was potentially one of the most effective and efficient ideas I have witnessed in a long time. It was pure genius! 

We closed an amazing day with our attendance to the “Who’s Got Curves!”, reality TV show launch. This was a show that was casted and filmed last Summer. The purposeof this show was to shine light on all of the awesomeness the curvy girl has to offer the world, during a time when reality TV is so prevalent. Kudos to Shawn Kearney @therealpoprah and team for a flawless execution of an extraordinary event and opportunity made for us by us, then extended to the entire community! We thank you Queen!

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