#AloneTogether – Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Our Industry…

First, I pray all of you and your loved ones are well. Even though the Coronavirus isn’t something new to the public, matter of fact it’s name can be found on the back of several cleaning products we use all the time, this new strain (Covid 19) is something that has the entire world completely shuck!! Every industry in the world has been impacted by this virus, but how can those of us that are entrepreneurs in the fashion industry  stay above water?

Now is the time to get super creative! Now is really a time to focus on our skills. Social media is the best place to display those skills. If you haven’t done so before, now is the best time to develop and enhance a social presence.  During a time of #socialdistancing, getting social online can be a huge help at a time like this! A lot of fashion clients are going to be switching up their marketing budgets and focusing more money on social advertising. Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Twitter are good and we shouldn’t forget about them at all, as a matter of fact we need to tie all of our social platforms together so that our content can hit all of the demographics. Instagram is really a major platform where creatives are discovered and booked, so use it to your advantage. Keep in mind that the number of followers and likes is not always the main focus, so don’t be discouraged. If you have a small audience but they follow you, listen to what you say, and act on your advice, then you are an influencer and you need to use it to your advantage to monetize (make money) that.

I know Tik Tok is reaching a tipping point and a lot of brands are now searching for models, bloggers, and influencers who really use that medium well. Trust me I know it can be a bit intimidating, I have just started to het my feet wet as well. I have my daughter here who is in the age group that has been at it to help me get comfortable, so utilize your resources. If you havent played around with it, now is the time. Bring content out of the archives, post regularly, and make it fun. Don’t be shy, build your skills and perfect your craft. If you don’t gave one already and you have a brand or understand that you are your brand, create a website. A website is professional, useful to all entrepreneurs, and you can utilize it to monetize on another level with brand links and collaborations. Our websites can make our products and services available to our followers and customers to still support us even during this time.

At a time like this, when things are shut down and business is not going as usual, we must get creative and utilize all that is out there to continue to grow and maintain ourselves and our businesses. Prayers to all of you far and wide for your health snd safety as we get through this #AloneTogether 

We are #alonetogether in all of this! Smooches



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