We Did it Again!!! The Real Catwalk Winter 2019 – Brooklyn Bridge Style

Last year I introduced to those of you who follow me to The Real Catwalk, who’s behind it, and the reason it exists!! I pray that even if this isn’t a thing you would ever do, at least I want to help you with an appreciation for why it continues and for those participating and their inspiration. Who knows, you may even join us for the next one!!!

I am a woman who is strong, loves herself, and believes those with any platform have a duty to uplift and encourage other women as well as the rest of the world. Last year I was fortunate to participate in #therealcatwalk 3.0 NYC’s Time Square. We thought we would do it again this December, but logistics, brainstorming, and inspo brought #TRC across another major staple of NY, The #BrooklynBridge. I’m a real veteran now. As I shared last year, I have followed and admired Top Model @Khrystyana since first seeing her on #Antm. Everything she stood for and how she remained consistent in the way she carried herself, as well as how she treated others was just a precursor to who she is deep down inside. This is a woman with a soul that is genuinely good and she makes you just want to love and support her forever. We have a lot of the same values and beliefs when it comes to our love for others and the acceptance necessary to allow people to genuinely love themselves and live happy lives. I have grown so much since knowing, following, and learning from her and she will always hold a special place in my heart. There is never a better place than the #TRC to express the love you have for yourself and others. The growth that has happened since the beginning is major and you can now participate in #TRC in several locations and different times of the year.

The Real Catwalk’s message to the world is that there is beauty in our flaws and that it is okay to love yourself just as you are without worry of judgment and conviction from others. Beauty is not perfection, beauty can be found within the scars of our bodies and our souls for it is the strength and love of self that creates beauty. It is okay for us to want to change things about ourselves or to realize there are things that we want to change while loving ourselves simultaneously, there doesn’t have to be a separation. Everyone participating has their own individual reasons for doing so, but we all come together for a common reason in a common place to support the hell out of one another, and it’s absolute magic.

It was so great to see the amazing souls I met last year again this year and to meet some new amazing ones. The relationships I’ve built that we continue in our chats and through visits, the connections made that lead to future projects and growth, and the freedom and solidarity that’s exists within our bond is beyond anything I could’ve ever imagined. This was again a priceless experience that I wouldn’t trade for the world. We are all beautiful and we don’t need a pair of wings to tell us that shit!!! If you’re interested in joining us next time, feel free to dm myself or anyone that you see has participated in previous #TRC years and locations. We will be doing a Time Square experience at the end of Spring this May 2020. And we hope to see you there. A major shoutout to my sponsor @swimsuitsforall www.swimsuitsforall.com.

The Real Catwalk – @krystyanahttp://instagram.com/krystyana

Images and footage- media, bloggers, and participants of The Real Catwalk Winter 2019. Follow us for specific details.


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