“Size Has No Barrier On Beauty!”

2nd Annual Ms. Full-Figured Pageant- New Jersey

I know you’ve heard of The Ms. America, USA and Universe pageants, and we have witnessed some major firsts lately that have us all going wild. One you may not have heard of is the Ms. Full Figured USA pageants, so let me get you up to speed. There are pageants held all over the country crowning contestants in order to come together to one stage in search of the one Queen that will represent the USA. This pass weekend I had the honor to attend the 2nd annual Ms. Full Figured New Jersey Pageant and was able to witness the light in all of those beautiful women. The entire evening brought life to their mantra, “Size Has No Barrier On Beauty!”

Ms. Theresa Randolph- CEO/Founder of the Ms. Full Figured USA Pageant and visionary for a dream bigger than herself, is the foundation of this amazing platform. Her mission has been focused on building self-esteem in full- figured women across the United States for over three decades.

An event such as this is never a one man or woman’s show, so of course Ms. Theresa had an entire team behind her helping every step of the way. Ms. Siddeequah Benders who is the Director of the Ms. Full-Figured USA NJ Pageant, completely outdid herself. It’s amazing how things come full circle and it’s wonderful to see a Queen from prior years step up and claim her throne. Kudos Princess Dee and the entire team, Debbie Lyle, Angela Clemons, Karen Thompson, Dana Michel, Teddy, Phill Taborn, Xavia Taborn, Jackie Epps, Cisco, Nicole Daniels for a job well done.

MC and Entertainment MC Tyquan McAllister was full of energy with a voice that captivated your attention each time he grabbed the mic. Along with Ms. Theresa, the pair worked together seamlessly. They showed an amazing stage presence and the unique ability to work the crowd while keeping them engaged, ensuring a smooth flow for the evening. DJ Kenny Green kept us going with the sultry sounds chosen for the evening.The show’s entertainment : The Glam Kidz under the direction of Queen Catrice Richardson!!! All I can say is WONDERFUL!!!!! These young girls were poised, professional, prepared, and absolutely beautiful! They could definitely teach many a thing or two on a runway for sure. The guest judge’s were a panel of Queens from the past and present both with and without tangible crowns. Our judges were Tawana Blassingame, Lafina Phillips, Crystal Pegram, Erica Carrington, Granger Kee, and Tanisha Malone. Each of them were experienced to do the job and they did just that. They definitely had their work cut out for them with all of the lovely contestants, but each of them rose to the occasion to get it done.

Contestants: We all know that in order to have a pageant we need contestants. Our 12 ladies were made up a group of Queens with totally different stories and journeys yet any one of them would’ve represented the Ms. Full-Figured USA brand and slogan well. The contestants of the evening were nothing short of amazing and commanded attention with each passing. It was a perfect mixture of beauty, class, style, passion, and drive as they poured their curves and their hearts out to us while draped in some of the best on trend styles. Each beauty strutted up and down the stage oozing nothing but beauty and confidence. Wakeelah, Ina, Tyrisha, Demia, Patricia, Shanere, Vanette, Tiqua, Dantia, Linda, Treonie, and Tamika each showed every person in the room exactly why they should become Queen. This is more than just a pageant, it truly is a gateway to inspiring to be better and to reach higher highs while never allowing your circumstance or situation to write your story. Each were there to remind us all that “Size Has No Barrier On Beauty!”

Congratulations Danita Gregory-Puryear, Ms. Exquisite Full-Figured NJ 2019 and all of the Queens crowned. We know you will all have an amazing reign. Welcome to an impressive sisterhood where everyday women become confident and fearless while showing their beauty that exudes from the inside out.

Media- We all know that in our industry without footage it never happened, so a huge thank you to Gerald Leverson on video, Charles Mitchell and Philip Drew of Queen Size Magazine on photography.



Photography by bloggers/media for the 2nd Annual Ms Full-Figured NJ Pageant and Queensize Magazine

Msbeyoudoyou – Love and Live Life your Way while #walkingbeyondthestandard!

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