How I like To Make A Piece or Outfit Pop!

First off, how hot is this “GiveintoMe” crop sweater from @femmeluxefinery???!!! Now some may think, big deal it’s just another black and white crop top with words!!!! Oh, but the places we can go and things we can do with a black and white piece!!!

What I love most about black and white is the ability and flexibility to add pops of color and accessories to make it stand out even more. Here I have two examples on a super easy way to make a regular print top immediately turn into a real fashion statement. A pop of color opposite the piece totally transforms things. So here, I chose to pair my crop sweater with a red pencil skirt and oh what a win it was. Now when I added a pop of color I wanted to do  solid black on my feet to not take away from my accent color. Color blocking is something some people shy away from because it can either go totally right or totally wrong but fashion is a personal form of expression so do you!!! My mustard fedora was the sweetest touch and if you notice, there is a red feather on the side to kinda tie in and make the skirt/crop combo make sense. With or without the hat, the look is a complete win. Add a fanny pack around the waist for just the right sprinkle of personality and you’re a walking billboard for modern day street fashion!!!!

The next time you consider taking risks in fashion, just go with your first mind and do it. First, Head to to pick out your fav looks to get started while everything is 50% off!!! Smooches 

Fedora by @koreanhatz

Fanny pack @forever21

Photography by @charissolutionsphotography

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