Orange You Glad I Got Curves??!!

The thing I love about today is that we have more women than ever before not afraid to bare it all in a swimsuit in Summertime. We’ve got to keep flaunting our curves until every single women is comfortable enough in her own skin, to go out and enjoy the water like every body else.

I’m keeping it curvy in this bright orange 2 piece that feels like it was absolutely made for my body. The beauty of it is that it will look great on “Every” body!!! At first I thought these straps would get caught up in my rolls and not lay flat like they were intended to, and boy was I wrong. The most important thing about picking a swimsuit whether it’s a one piece or two is to pick a great color that will accentuate your skin tone, a material that will be comfortable yet protective, and a style that can stand out in a crowd in a good way and this set does it all!!!!

Hurry over to @sheinofficial while this and so much more is on sale, so you can get right for the rest of Summer.

Wearing: Plus Contrast Trim Two Piece Swimwear Size 2XL: Search ID: 728459

Shein site:

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It is Extra 15% OFF any purchase for the whole site. (valid till 30th Jun)

Get there now!!! Smooches!!

Photography by @charissolutionsphotography

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