MUA or Nah?

IMG_5468If it’s one thing I’ve learned in the last year and a half of my modeling journey, it’s to get in front of a mirror with YouTube and all of my makeup as often as possible!  Although we may not be true makeup artists, it’s imperative to learn to fake it until you make it when the need arises as a working model. “I can’t” or “I have never” is not an excuse during crunch time. A Model tip from @MsBeYouDoYou is to Always be prepared to apply your own makeup for a show, event, booking or social media post. Many different factors may play a part in you being responsible for getting it done, so don’t be caught unprepared!

Remember it doesn’t take much to prepare your face if you pay attention to the areas that make your best features pop!! In my case, eyes are most important for me. I love my eyes, but they become super small when I smile so liner, brows, a highlighted under brow, and mascara or lashes are super important for me. I prime my face first then apply my foundation and concealer to the necessary areas. I know MUA’s add foundation last typically so they can focus on the eyes, but I have not mastered that yet! I use a setting powder to finish that application. I line my brows and fill them in with a brow pencil and brow brush, then add mascara and liner. I only contour on days I need to for a show, but I do use highlight on those areas I want to enhance. I choose a liner for my lips and the perfect lippie for the occasion and I’m good to go!!! I finish off with a setting spray to keep things in tact. If I can do it you sure can too!

Watch YouTube tutorials, go into beauty locations for consultations, or just practice until you find your rhythm. Here are a few shots of my handy work that actually came together  for impromptu photo shoots and an actual runway show. Also posted here are a few of my must haves I keep in my cosmetic  bag to prepare my own face when necessary.
Ash W May 17th-0102Ash W May 17th-

Good luck Queens👑 smooches!

Photog: @CharisSolutionsPhotography and @Msbeyoudoyou

Foundation, highlight, Lippie, brushes @fentybeauty 

Concealer, powder, shadow, liners, brushes @maccosmetics 

One thought on “MUA or Nah?

  1. Beautiful photos! I am not in the modeling field but this is a great reminder for me to brush up on my own MUA skills. Everybody I know takes pictures and selfies with their phones, so I need to be ‘face ready’ or at least “face in my bag ready’.


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