Curves in the DMV…

I’m sure you’ve heard of District of Columbia, but how about District of Curves? District of Curves is a Plus Size Fashion and Body Positive Experience with Mickey Leon at the helm presented this year by, Big Fig the Mattress for a Bigger Figure and Hosted by, The Unparalleled Plus Size Model Liric Crosse.

This year for the 5th year, Mickey Leon and his team made it possible for us to be able to experience an entire week of amazing events from a wonderful brunch, a dance and curvy pole flow class to help you embrace your sexy, panel discussions, to a dinner and awards soirée and of course ending the incredible week with the ultimate finale show.

Host and Crew:

The show was an absolute success!!! Mickey and his team made magic by offering a seamless production despite this being the first year to add an entire week of events leading up to the finale show! The Host for the evening, a DMV native far from new to the industry but has hit the world by storm after her flawless breakthrough performance as one of the first plus size model winners on last season’s “Project Runway”, Liris Crosse brought the house down with her knowledgeable commentary, beauty and charm, and her ability to keep her audience engaged at all times!! She fancied attendees with her amazing stage presence and skill to command a runway while working a crowd to ensure a smooth flow for the evening. The event coordinators, fashion coordinators, glam squads, photographers and volunteers for the show’s work was nothing short of perfection with creative touches in all the right areas, sealing the deal for an award winning night.

Vendors and Sponsors:

An event such as this simply can not be successful without a strong turnout from relevant vendors and sponsors in the plus community and this was no issue for our seasoned veteran and his team. There was an amazing turnout from vendors specializing in fashion, beauty, health tips and healthy living, you name it and there was a booth for it!!! We had Big Fig Mattress, Medeiros Fashion PR, My Thairapy, Cherry  Blossom IntimatesHouse of Diggnity, Ms. Full-Figured D.M.V., Reveal Cosmetics, and The Pink Well just to name a few. Every ticket holder received a special bag filled with goodies from these sponsors upon getting to their seat.


We all know that in order to have a fashion show of all fashion shows, we must have models who are able to bring each piece that they put on to life while telling a story for their audience that emulates the designers exact vision and feeling for their design. The models of the evening were nothing short of amazing and commanded attention with each passing. It was a perfect mixture of well known plus-size models and a few new faces all of whom poured their curves into the designs and strutted down the runway oozing beauty and confidence. I’m not at all bias seeing as though, I was one of the models to grace the runway. Just to name a few, we had Ebony Walker, Tazah Richardson, Autumn Richardson, Tiffany Rice, Keri Holley, Rae Nicole, Siporia Richards, Brick House PS, Joy Moreland, and a whole host of exceptional beauties to grace the runway. These ladies and Gents along with several other beauties with the valuable and unwavering coaching from The amazing Aushia Smith, showed attendees that modeling truly is an art!


Now leaving the best for last, there is no fashion show without new and fresh designs and our designers and brands for the evening were unparalleled. This group of designers included, The Massive Collection, House of Diggnity, Madame Ravish, 725 Designs, and Dressin Trendy just two name a few. We of course had our Big and Tall men grace the stage as well so we had The Massive Collection and Winston Box styled them to perfection. These names lit up the runway with their unique and inspiring designs from casual wear to evening dresses to lingerie and even swimwear, to quench every individuals thirst for a variety of fashion and style. Viewers senses were literally heightened each and every time a design took the top of the runway. When I asked a few attendees at the end of the show for their favorite designer of the evening, they could not choose just one which speaks volumes for this amazing lineup. 

Bravo Mickey Leon and Team, for an amazing experience and show!!!!

Photography Charis Solutions Photography.

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I am a petite plus model, fashion/lifestyle blogger, and body activist here to empower and encourage you to BeYouDoYou while living and loving life your way! Smooches

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