Cocktails in Springtime…

How hard is it to find the perfect dress to slip on for an evening of cocktails in Springtime?? With the weather so tricky during this time of year, you could really find yourself in a pickle when you get that invite from that special someone if you don’t have a few items in your closet to bail you out!!!!

I always have my eyes peeled for the perfect pieces that I can dress up or dress down in an array of weather conditions, just because I live in Texas!!! We Texans never know what the season will bring from day to day!!! I was super elated to pair up with @sheinofficial to bring great fashion ideas perfect for the season at an unbeatable price!!!

Here I am wearing two totally different looks that can both be the perfect choice for Cocktails in Springtime!! Whether you want a faithful “little black” dress that paired with the perfect accessories could be taken from “basic” to “bold” in a blink of an eye, or if you choose to step out in “living color” with a piece that screams “where have you been all my life?”!!! @sheinofficial has something for you!

Shein - Black Dress-0003Shein - Black Dress-0017Shein - Black Dress-0022Shein - Black Dress-0049

Here’s a lil “Living Color”
Shein - Maroon Dress-0059Shein - Maroon Dress-0066Shein - Maroon Dress-0074Shein - Maroon Dress-0126Shein - Maroon Dress-0150

These are the perfect dresses for this season. You can download #SHEIN app now to enjoy app special offers and Shop and use code: msbe20  at  valid for orders of 60.00 or more! Smooches!!

Photography by @charissolutionsphotography

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