Farewell to a Fabulous Fall Part 2


Did I mention how much I love Fall because of all the great fashion that floods the fashion world during this time???!!!! What better way to showcase these amazing fashionable pieces, then by way of amazing runway shows!!! We started off Fall with Finding Ashley, then took things to the DMV to show love for the National Curves Day Honors, on to a Night to Remember here in Houston, benefiting Lung Cancer Awareness, and next on my list was none other than the 1426 Fashion Week Christmas in November 10 year celebration. Harvey may have slowed things a bit, but it didn’t stop a night of great fashion for an even greater cause!!!


Today more than ever, we hear talk  of movements about integrating the fashion industry and boy am I glad for that!!! As proud as we are, we must take time to pay homage to those who blazed the trails for us. We must give credit to the people who were fearless enough to take on the task of breaking barriers on and off the runway when it wasn’t such a FAD, when it wasn’t easy or fun to stand out there alone fighting to fit in when there wasn’t a movement and a ton of brands to support the vision.

Let’s talk about one of the early blazers of the Plus industry Trail, Ms. Linda Scott founder of 1426 Fashion week!!! A model herself in the standard industry, realized early on that it was important to have all body types represented on the runway! So, LS1426 Fashion Week was born. This was a very special year for 1426, as this was the celebration of 10 years of fashion, beauty, service, empowerment, and body positivity!! Celebrating 10 years of showing the industry that fashion is for all shades, shapes, and sizes.

1426 FS I-26601426FW-0535

The show was an absolute success!!! Ms. Linda and her team made magic by offering a seamless production despite a delay leading up to the show! The Host for the evening, Jan Taylor brought the house down with her quick witted commentary and her ability to keep her audience engaged at all times!! The model coach/coordinators Jeannie Ferguson and Barry Barnes were nothing short of perfection with creative touches in all areas, sealing the deal for an award winning night. Make sure you follow Jeannie @plusmodjeannief on IG for all of her awesomeness and her “Walk this Way” runway classes that are a must attend.


An event such as this simply can not be successful without a strong turnout from relevant vendors and sponsors and this was no issue on this evening. There was an amazing turnout from vendors specializing in fashion, beauty, health tips and food, you name it and there was a booth for it!!! We had All4uboutique, Wole’ Designs, Loretta Lawrence, Sewn by Sisters, and Kenneth Doswell to name a few.

We all know that in order to have a fashion show of all fashion shows, we must have models who are able to bring each piece that they put on to life while telling a story for their audience that emulates the designers exact vision and feeling for their design. The models of the evening were nothing short of amazing and commanded attention with each passing. It was a perfect mixture of well known plus-size and Standard models, new and old faces all of whom poured their curves into the designs and strutted down the runway oozing confidence. We had all types of beauties that showed us that modeling truly is an art!

1426 FS I-30921426 FS I-30441426 FS I-29861426 FS I-29621426 FS I-29441426 FS I-29321426 FS I-29241426 FS I-28821426 FS I-28481426 FS I-28341426 FS I-28261426 FS I-27801426 FS I-26401426 FS I-26061426 FS I-25211426 FS I-24891426 FS I-24631426 FS I-32151426 FS I-24071426 FS I-23931426 FS I-31891426 FS I-23451426 FS I-23611426 FS I-23711426 FS I-31831426 FS I-3171

Now leaving one of the best for last, there is no fashion show without new and fresh designs and our designers and brands for the evening were unparalleled. This group of designers/brands included Alll4uboutique, Wole’ Designs, Occasions by Loretta Lawrence, Barry Barnes with Melodrama Boutique, Sewn by Sisters and Kenneth Doswell!! These names lit up the runway with their unique and inspiring designs from casual wear to evening dresses to African Infused attire, to quench every individuals thirst for a variety of fashion and styles. Our senses were literally heightened each and every time a design took the top of the runway. We saw a variety of looks that coukd make any woman and man feel beautiful and debonair with designs that screamed sophistication and flowed with ease allowing each muse to become a storyteller with their garment as they owned the runway. Bravo, for an amazing show!!!! Can’t wait to see what in store for 2018!!!!

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I am a petite plus model, fashion/lifestyle blogger, and body activist here to empower and encourage you to BeYouDoYou while living and loving life your way! Smooches

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