iPAD? No….It’s Glam PAD!!!

What’s this new hot item I can’t part with?

Here is the Glam PAD Vanity Mirror only found on UGLYAFSweaters.com!!!! Sure, given the title you may think you’re shopping for sweaters, but there’s oh so much more!!!! I have fallen in love with this new LED Glam Pad Vanity Mirror because it offers everything someone could dream of in a portable mirror!!!!
Whether you’re an MUA, Model, or an everyday person wanting to see every inch of your face when cleaning, caring for, applying makeup, or doing your hair, this is the product for you!!! It reflects a high definition image to illuminate fine details during makeup application. 360 rotation makes it easy to focus on a face from any angle. 22 high-power LED lights embedded in Glam Pad’s glass have touch-sensitive adjustable settings. The groove in Glam Pad’s sturdy stand has been carved to be able to contain beauty blenders, jewelry and small makeup applicators. This is a must have product for anyone whether it’s on the counter in your bathroom, or traveling with you on the go!!! I’ve used it both ways and the transition was seamless!

Pictured here you can see me sitting in my bathroom getting ready for my day as well as how it’s very versatile and easy to travel when I was out for one of my shows getting ready with model friends to hit the runway!!! This Glam Pad Vanity Mirror is a must have for all of us!!! So, get in over to www.uglyafsweaters.com for yours while supplies last and while they are still on Sale!!! This would make a perfect Christmas gift for that special someone in your life, no matter who they are!!!

Make sure you follow @UglyAF on all social sites because the mirror is not all that is hot!!!! The UglyAF website is amazing and very easy to navigate through!!! You’ll find awesome sweaters, accessories, apparel and more!!! There is a bubble jacket to die for that comes in all colors just perfect for winter!!! Hurry on over to the site now, and make sure you follow on IG and a Facebook as well to keep up with the latest and greatest products!!!!! Thank me later!!!! Smooches!

973DAA4A-D39A-488C-A92F-6169B559C0FA856528FB-CFF9-45C5-B15E-E95ACB9050EFModel @CandaceCandyWashington loving her Glam Pad experience

All photos and video taken by @charissolutionsphotograph

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I am a petite plus model, fashion/lifestyle blogger, and body activist here to empower and encourage you to BeYouDoYou while living and loving life your way! Smooches

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