The Road to Top 5….Finding Ashley Stewart 2017!


Have you ever felt like you were dreaming, just waiting for the second you wake up and real life takes over??!!! Well, that’s the feeling making the Top 5 or should I say Top 6 in the Finding Ashley Stewart 2017 Contest gives to me!!! I am on my way to New York and still waiting to awake from this amazing dream!

To say that I never imagined to be here when all of this began in March of this year would be a complete understatement. When I stepped foot into the Shoppes at 3 Corners in Houston, TX I didn’t know my life would forever be changed. My life would be changed not because I knew I would win, but because I knew the journey would introduce me to a better version of the Ashley I already was!

Fast-forward to today after making it to the top 20 and now Top 6, I can honestly say that I never imagined all of the love and support I would receive from people near and dear to me as well as perfect strangers now holding a special place in my heart! I have spent every bit of this six months supporting the tour the best way I can while working to show that I embody everything it means to be Ashley! I believe that every single one of the Top 20 are absolutely beautiful, amazing, worthy women and I am completely humbled and honored to have been in such great company. I know all of us can honestly say that at whatever point our road ends, we are grateful for the opportunity. I am so proud of each and every one of us and know that this is only the beginning for us all.

Here you will see how the 3 finalists from Houston, Tx pulled together to ensure Texas met New York on September 16th!!! We ladies pulled together to show that this was much more than a competition and that the Ashley Stewart brand is more than just fashion. We wanted to let every individual know that it is always important to make sure you work hard to empower others to be the best version of themselves possible and that love for self and others is the only thing that will help our world be a better place!

Thank you Ashley Stewart and all of the beautiful women involved for forever changing my life! I AM Ashley, no seriously, I AM Ashley and I’ll see you in New York!!!

To join me in Brooklyn, New York, please click here (Finding Ashley Stewart 2017) to get your tickets today!  See you there!  Smooches!!!



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