There’s No Place Like the TCFStyleExpo…

There’s no place like the TCFStyleExpo, There’s no place like the TCFStyleExpo, There’s no place like the TCFStyleExpo!!! As I click my heels together three times, I’m wishing I could be back in ATL right now at the Expo!!! Where do I start to recap of an event as amazing as this one was???!! From the Venue, to the Vendors, to the performers, to the models to the attendees, a short blog post could never do this weekend in Atlanta justice!!! The Curvy Fashionista, Ashley Stewart and the team did an excellent job with top-notch professionalism and enough flare to keep all in attendance wanting more!!! It’s honing in on a month post-expo, and we are all still raving about our time spent!!! A huge shoutout to my Ashley Stewart family and other sponsors for making the 3rd annual TCFStyle Expo an event to talk about through 2018!!

Venue –
The Cobb Galleria Center in Downtown Atlanta was a prime location and perfect venue choice for an event such as this!!! The esthetics of the venue coupled with the caliber of the crowd in attendance produced a definite for the books type of scene!!! The ease of navigating through the building, parking, and the logistics of the entrance made it completely impossible for our Curvy Community of Fashionistas to stay away!!! The size of the venue was perfect enough to fit every piece of this fashionable puzzle together, where things were able to run like a well oiled train!

Vendors – 
Oh the Vendors!!! Our Vendors showed up and showed out leaving nothing behind. Where in the world could you have all of these amazing Vendors in one location, ready to serve??!! From Ashley Stewart, to Creme of Nature, to Indique Hair, to Eloquii, to Dia & Co., to City Chic USA,f to Astra Signature, to Courtney Noelle, to Hanky Panky, to Miss Diva Kurves, to Fashion to Figure, to Nina Sharae, to MVP collection, to Big Man Culture, to JC Penny’s, to Magnolia Makeup, to FabUplus and many, many more, I literally tried to refrain from walking the entire room to avoid falling in love with my next piece to purchase!! There was makeup, Mink eyelashes, and hair being done right there on the spot!!!! A place where you could come and get everything from a waist trainer, thong, your face beat, and an outfit styled on site is the ultimate Fashionable Diva’s Haven!!!

Hosts and Performers – 
Everyone knows a show has no fluidity without the skill of a seasoned host or hosts and that is exactly what we got from Man/Woman duo @Cheneselewis and @bigrayvangroove our entire weekend!!! We got jokes stockpiled with humor and laughs, authenticity because nothing seemed forced, and such professionalism that made it very easy to have them navigate us through this entire event!!! When I tell you the performers were excellent, they were absolutely excellent!!! The powerful words and rhythmic sensations received from our Spoken Word Queen Haze were unmatched, the sweet sultry sounds of the vocals delivered by our R&B Artist Terrell K. Mercer were superb and his words to his original piece fit the event like a glove!!! Last, but certainly not least, The Pretty Big Movement came and brought the entire house down!!! These ladies got on that stage and showed us how it’s not at all about your size when it comes to dance and performance, it’s the heart, passion and purpose that ignites you and causes you to move!!!! Yasssss!!!

Models – 
How can I describe the TCFStyleExpo models without sounding down right bias???!!! Oh what the heck!!!! We were ALL amazingly awesome!!!! How often can you get that many different Diva personalities larger than life for both men and women, together for an entire weekend and it flow as perfect as it did??!!! I’ll tell you how!! The Curvy Fashionista and her team did a superb job in casting this crew!!! The level of professionalism was unparalleled!!! Portia and her team did an excellent job putting it all together and ensuring things flowed from the moment we entered the place for the entire weekend, and is still communicating with us and extending her expertise and guidance weeks after the show has ended!!! All female and male models came ready to work and slayed this event like it was just another walk in the park!!!! Did you hear me say men???!!! Yesss, how cool was it to see our Big and Tall edition to the runway!!! Thank you for providing us with looks perfect enough for the special men in our lives!!! Loved this crew!!!

Attendees – 
The beauty of this entire event and weekend was marrying together both celebrity and non celebrity attendees in the Curvy community and everyone blending and socializing together  seamlessly. You were able to walk through the doors as see all of your well-known faces seen daily on the internet, right there before your eyes. We had in attendance, Niki Free Style on the red carpet, Essie Golden, The Real Sample Size, and Style Over Size, Tamara Ivy and Christina Mendez, and Gwen DeVoe of Full Figured Fashion Week just to name a few. All of our volunteers and the entire Curvy community made the entire event one we can’t help but remember!!!

Needless to say, if you were not in attendance you surely missed out!!! Marie Leggett aka The Curvy Fashionista and her entire team and sponsors truly outdid themselves!!! TCFStyleExpo 2018 has some very big shoes to fill, but I know they are up for the challenge!!! I personally know they are already planning and working on Expo year 4!!!! Make sure you follow @TCFStyleExpo, @TheCurvyFashionista, @AshleyStewart, and @Msbeyoudoyou on Facebook and IG to check out more pictures, footage, and additional vendor information to ensure you can have access to the amazing styles you see.  Smooches!!!

See below a variety of images captured from the amazing event!  Make plans now to attend TCFStyleExpo2018!

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