Lights, Camera, Action!!!

As a kid I always saw myself doing something in the spotlight! It was not far fetched to say that I would at some point see my face on the big screen, name in bright lights, or in a magazine!! I performed as a kid and loved when all eyes were on me! As life took over and “adulting” became the name of the game, my dreams of taking over a stage looked like less and less of a possible reality for me.

Fast forward a decade or so later and here I am!!!! I’m living a life right now that I thought had passed me by!  I found myself saying, ” I’m too old, too curvy, and too short to make it in this industry”! Well, let me be living proof that it’s never too late, you’re never too old, and you’re body type will appeal to someone!!!

Thank you Danielle Collins with SNAP MODEL MAGAZINE and my photographer, Charis Solutions Photography for helping me show the world that no matter how old or young, curvy or slim, or short or tall you are, your dreams have a place in your reality!! So my loves, what are you waiting for??? Stop dreaming and start living and loving you!!!  Smooches!!!
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