Sheer Bliss in The Big Easy

What better way to transition into Spring, but with something light and sheer!!! Sheer pieces happen to be one of the top trends of 2017, and why wouldn’t they be??!!! I’m pictured here in a very versatile piece from @Forever21plus that can be worn dressed up to a nice outdoor wedding or dressed down for a day of shopping and site-seeing in the Big Easy!!!

There is nothing better to bring out the subtle freshness of Spring, then a fashionable yet comfortable outfit that can turn every head. This dress is mostly sheer with a body length camisole underneath which covers all of our necessary areas. This combination is great because it makes the piece very easy to breathe even though the sleeves come all the way to the wrist. Accompany your sheer ensemble with the right shoe and handbag and you can leap forward into Spring looking absolutely fabulous!!! Until next time, Smooches!!!
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8 thoughts on “Sheer Bliss in The Big Easy

  1. I looooooove this dress. I went to f21 but it must be sold out. If you are ever willing to sell it please let me know. I am getting married and we are doing something small. I would love to wear it for my engagement shoot, bridal shower or wedding day.


    1. Hello beautiful!! I’m am so sorry you were not successful finding the dress in the store and yes they may have sold them all already since it was a piece that can in early this season. I would so love to get you the dress for you wedding and would be honored to be able to provide that for you. Where are you located? I will send you and email so we can communicate more to make this happen. Smooches!!


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