The Official Launch Party

Wow!! What a night, is all that really comes to mind when I think of January 24, 2017!!! My work is so important to me and I felt it was only fitting to share it with the people in my circle. What started as a seed of an idea between my manager and I, has been cultivated by our creative collaboration to become what you see at today!

The people, the atmosphere, the decor, all the way to the food, embodied everything that Msbeyoudoyou is purposed to be!!! A small, intimate occasion helped bring my vision to life and I’d like to thank everyone both present and not present for supporting me!!! A special thanks to Cotton Creek Winery for an amazing atmosphere, food, staff and service!

Thank you to Crystals for the chicken you can never go wrong with, Case ole for the chips and dip! A huge thanks to Kimberly Williams for her amazing desert bar and to Brooke Coleman for her beautiful decor!! Thank you to my very close friends Kim Williams, Lauren and Corli Simmons, Barry Burns, Tranica Willis, and Joanna Joseph for stepping in and assisting me in bringing this night to life, thank you to my sister/partner Pamela Cooper for helping me take my vision to new heights!

Thank you to Stella with The Dream World in Fashion and Brooke Coleman with BK for being present for our guests. A special thank you to World Coutour for a fabulous skirt to accompany my Beyoudoyou Tee!! Thank you to all of my guests that shared an amazing evening with me when you could’ve been anywhere else! I love you all for it!

Last but certainly not least, thank you to my photog/manager with Charis Solutions Photography for seeing something in me that I didn’t even know was still there!!! So much more to come!! Here are some shots captured to help us relive the night!!!!! Smooches!

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