Snake-Skinned Beauty

Purses have always been one of my vices so it did not shock me when the gravitational pull of this rare find sucked me in! Our accessories can make or break our outfit so they must be carefully picked out and have purpose. Where are all my AKA’s????? Just kidding guys, this bag is for anyone and everyone. Whether you have on a pair of jeans and want to spice things up, or a solid fitted dress this snake skin pink and green bag can be purchased at Aldo for an affordable $59.95.

What I love is that it looks like I paid a mini fortune for it and that okay!!! I love when I can find style and quality with a reasonable budget and I’m sure you do too! Be careful not to make your outfit too busy with the wrong accessory. This is a great statement piece so we want to make sure we are speaking the right language!!! Keep that outfit simple and stay away from heavy patterns when this beauty makes the cut!!! Stay tuned for more of my rare must have’s in the purse department!!! Smooches😘

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