Take me back to THE REAL CATWALK 3.0

Did you know about TRC, who’s behind it, and the reason it exists??!! After reading this a reminiscing with me I pray that you not only gain a respect for it, but perhaps you may join us for the next one!!!

I am a woman and I believe those with platforms have a duty to uplift and encourage other women and the rest of the world so

I decided to participate in #therealcatwalk 3.0 this pass December in the heart of NYC’s Time Square. I have followed and admired Top Model Khrystyana since first seeing her on #Antm. Everything she stood for and remained consistent in the way she carried herself and how she treated others, so when I saw her post about TRC, I had to be apart of it. We have a lot of the same values and beliefs when it comes to love for others and the acceptance necessary to allow people to genuinely love themselves and live happy lives. There was no better place than the TRC to express those beliefs.

Our message to the world is that there is still beauty in our flaws and that it is okay to love yourself just as you are without worry of judgment and conviction from others. Beauty is not perfection, beauty can be found within the scars of our bodies and our souls for it is the strength and love of self that creates beauty.

I can easily sum my experience with TRC in one single word, “Iconic”!! The amazing souls I met, the relationships built, the connections made, getting to meet and know the love in Khrystyana was all beyond anything I could’ve ever imagined. This was a priceless experience I wouldn’t trade for the world and will forever be grateful and a better woman having lived it.

See you for TRC 4.0!!!! Smooches!!!

Created by Khrystyana

Sponsored by @Roamans @womanwithin @kingsizedirect @swimsuitsforall

Photography provides by the social media team for TRC 3.0 Times Square 

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