An Asymmetrical Type of mood Take 2: Happy 2 year Anniversary MsBeYouDoYou

Everyone knows you can’t go wrong with an amazing asymmetrical top for any occasion. With celebrating a Happy (Blogaversary) Anniversary to @msbeyoudoyou as my baby turned 2, I couldn’t help but bring back an oldie but a goodie to help celebrate this occasion as well as my love for all things asymmetrical!!!

I’d like to thank each and every one of you for every like, every comment, ever repost, every share, and every kind word or pouring into me of any kind throughout my journey!!! I took a similar picture like this in my first year and titled my post, “An Asymmetrical Type of Mood”, so it’s only fitting for me to share it for a part II for year 2!! A few changes, but it’s still me, it’s always me, and I pray you’ve enjoyed taking this journey with me. Cheers to great things coming up for 2019. If you love my latest top here’s where you can find it.

Plus Blue Asymmetrical Hem Ruffle Hem Blouse  @sheinofficial Search ID: 626737

Use the coupon code to enjoy 15% off: msbe15

It is 15% off based on discounted price and ONLY valid for the order over $59 of plus-size items.

Photography by Charis Solutions Photography 

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