A Moment of Transparency…

About a week ago I starting feeling pain in my knee and leg, I of course pushed it aside and continued business as usual thinking it would go away.  Well, it didn’t go away and it got worse. It got so bad I could barely walk on it, but definitely couldn’t bend it or put pressure on it. Those of you who know what I do, know exactly how devastating it would be for me to have to have an injury or surgery of some sort, or any ailment for that matter get in the way of all I’m trying to accomplish especially our big day Saturday. It actually caused me to miss a casting I was intending on attending this pass weekend. I prayed, I got beyond my stubborn self and went to the ER when my leg that is already big was noticeably swollen lol.

Blessed that I am they were able to rule out a blood clot, fluid or cyst and X-rays came up clean and free from fractures as well, but I was not out of the woods because the pain had persisted over a week and got worse instead of better over time. I was given a steroid shot and meds and referred to an orthopedic surgeon in 7-10 days if the pain persists and I was still unable to walk or bend my leg properly for an MRI to rule out anything torn. Day 1 post visit pain was still the same so I was still worried, day 2 I still felt pain and only relief from the meds, Day 3 I am able to walk without pain and am able to bend a little and it’s great!

I said all of that to tell you to make sure in all that you do, you take care of yourself completely!! I am the first person the tell you about self care and self love and putting yourself first, but it has to be in all aspects of life. Don’t forget to take care of your whole person! Mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and all of the above. I love me and I’ve got so much more to do in this life!!!! Even during my week in pain, I still managed to keep warm in style with this fit from the new @lalaanthonycollection found at @byashleystewart.  Her collection is extremely versatile and can be switched up to fit just about any occasion. Check out the mess jeans and body suit

Paired with a vest and boots from @forever21 was perfect for the chills we’ve actually experienced here in Texas. 

Photography by @charisolutionsphotography

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