SHEIN’s “Keyword”

You all know how I feel about a great airplane outfit right??!!! Well this one is particularly special because I’ll be wearing it to take my last plane flight of 2018!!!! What a blessing 2018 has been🙏🏽 and Speaking of “Blessings”, have you guys heard about the new #keyword program from @sheinofficial??!!!

Here I am Wearing the @sheinofficial size 2XL SHEIN  Plus Striped Zipper Up Top & Pants. The material is very light and really allows the entire body that is covered to breathe while still keeping you warm during that plane ride. The color is very easy to match with your favorite graphic tee and a sneaker of your choice.

Now back to the whole “Blessings” #keyword I talked about earlier. I took my 2018 review for SheIn and was amazed at the stats. And the keyword assigned to me! Have you taken yours yet? Click the link is below. Make sure to let me know what your keyword is! Mine says “Blessings”– How perfect is that for the Season??!!! for your keyword

For this amazing two piece suit click Search ID: 607653 and Use the coupon code to enjoy 15% off: msbe15 It is 15% off based on discounted price and ONLY valid for the order over $59 of plus-size items.

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Photography by @charissolutionsphotography


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I am a petite plus model, fashion/lifestyle blogger, and body activist here to empower and encourage you to BeYouDoYou while living and loving life your way! Smooches

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