To Waist Train or not to Waist Train? That is the Question with Shapewear by Killer Kurves Shapewear!!!

For some reason we women as a whole have put a negative stamp on wearing body shapers, foundations, waist trainers etc. Some confuse waist training, which is some women’s cup of tea and is a no go for others with wearing the proper undergarment, shapewear, or foundation underneath our clothes to achieve the best and appropriate look and fit possible. It’s okay to focus on smooth lines or restriction or both at the same time whatever works for you!!!!
Ash W - Black Clip & Zip-0001Ash W - Black Clip & Zip-0006Ash W - Black Clip & Zip-0013Ash W - Black Clip & Zip-0032

Some may think that wearing a waist trainer or shapewear is deceiving when it’s absolutely necessary for some garments and occasions. You can wear the same garment to achieve whatever results you’re looking for. A waist trainer like the one I am wearing here, the “Clip and Zip” in a size 3XL from , can be used to waist train and or to just add shape and form to our already beautiful curves. This piece here is made with quality material and is very durable. Even with the firmness of the material, it is still very light and comfortable. The “Clip and Zip” is a style that is very discrete so you can wear it under any garment with no problem. I love that is has the four clips and then the zip option for twice the hold and protection. There are three sets of prongs that allows for your progress as your waist becomes smaller and more defined. Some connect waist training with negativity, due to the bad things we have all heard about waist training to the extreme. The key with everything is balance. It is not rocket science that when we restrict our midsection a bit, we become more conscious of what we put in our mouths at one time and in turn we see a decrease in that area. Just that simple, wear the garment through your day and over a period of time and there will definitely be a difference. Again, the point of this is to know that you don’t have to waist train to wear shapewear. It’s important to do what’s best and most comfortable for you. Killer Kurves Shapewear is available from size XS-6XL, which shows how the use of shapewear has nothing to do with weight or size.
Ash W - Pink Sauna Vest-0057Ash W - Pink Sauna Vest-0050Ash W - Pink Sauna Vest-0044

Ash W - Pink Sauna Vest-0068

People ask me all the time if I wear the same garment to workout in that I do under my everyday clothing and my answer is now no, thanks to Killer Kurves Shapewear!!!! It’s more than okay to wear the same garment for both, but we know the special care needed to keep up our shapewear so it’s a good idea to have two. Here I am wearing the Sauna Vest in a size 3XL, also from Killer Kurves Shapewear. The material is very light, but made to ensure you get that extra sweat during your workout that will cause those calories to burn!! You put it on like a vest and zip up the front, make sure you pull the wings as much as you can to achieve optimal restriction and results. Sometimes, pulling it tight is a bit of an issue for me with my short arms but I get it done. I wear this garment during my workouts and am completely drenched underneath after and it’s great!!! You can wear the shapewear on top or underneath your workout clothes, whatever works best for you there will be the same results. I simply wipe it clean with a warm towel and hang it to dry, ready for my next workout. I definitely recommend getting shapewear for your workouts only,  to  also preserve the life of both garments.

So, pros and cons for each:
Pros: Quality, durable material at discounted prices. Sizes available up to size 6XL. Fast and easy shipping and delivery,

Cons: The only thing I can even think of would be making sure your shapewear is positioned properly to not get those wings from the back fat, but that’s all shalewear!! Not really, a con actually just something I need to work on for me. With my sauna vest, the Velcro wrap has to be pulled right for proper fit and my short arms impede that a little bit, but after a few try’s I get it right.

Don’t waste anymore time, head over now while everything is on sale use code FLASH25 for your savings!!! Smooches

Shapewear by @getkillerkurves  so visit
Photography by @charissolutionsphotography

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