Picking Perfect Prints – Part 2

What’s the perfect print for plus size? Here is the second addition to my “perfect prints for plus size” segment. Remember what I said, any print that catches your eye. Can we wear print on print? Why Yes We Can!!! Check out my airplane outfit for this weekend that is stocked full of prints and a crop top too!!!! Hahahaha!!!
Floral Pant Suit-0219Floral Pant Suit-0224Floral Pant Suit-0226

This light weight material makes the set very easy to breathe, so even though you’re wearing pants you definitely won’t be hot. Pair this 2 piece with a cute pump or your favorite casual options and you’re all set!!!
Head over to http://www.shein.com and follow @sheinofficial to cop this look and much more!!!   Shein Print Crop top Two Piece:http://bit.ly/2ma3QYM  Search ID: 469874  Use the coupon code to enjoy 20% off:  msbe20.

General link for coupon:http://bit.ly/2zvArSn .It is 20% off based on original price and ONLY valid for the order over $59 of plus-size items.

Floral Pant Suit-0179Floral Pant Suit-0231
Floral Pant Suit-0219
Floral Pant Suit-0209

Photography by @charissolutionsphotography

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