Who Wears Short Shorts?

We Wear Short Shorts!!! That’s Who!!

So many plus size ladies I know both young and old, shy away from wearing shorts of any kind in public in fear of what their legs may look like. There are so many out there that want to wear shorts, but are too worried about what everyone else might think or say. Today is the day to let it all go, stop selling yourself short when it comes to living life (pun intended)!
Ash W - Short Shorts-0053Ash W - Short Shorts-Ash W - White Short Shorts-0003Ash W - White Short Shorts-0058Ash W - White Short Shorts-0040

During the Summer months it is too darn hot to be too covered up, and sometimes you may not want to wear a dress. Stop being afraid to pull out a pair of comfy shorts and chucks, and going about your day. There was a time it was very hard to find cute fashionable shorts in plus sizes, because very few plus size women would buy them due to their insecurities. Well, not anymore!!! We get hot, we want to be comfortable outside in the Summer, and we love fashion too!!! A few of my favorite stores really get it and are on board to provide us with the hottest new shorts for the season, so you have no excuses Queens!!!
Ash W - White Shorts--2Ash W - White Shorts--4Ash W - White Shorts--3

Both young and old plus size ladies can now wear short shorts and feel absolutely good about themselves with every step they take, thanks to stores like @ByAshleyStewart, @Forever21plus, @LaneBryant, @CharlotteRusseplus, @Torridfashion, @Eloquii, a whole host of online stores and boutiques catering to plus and extended sizes, and many more!! Here are a few of my easy breezy, short short looks I put together thanks to @Forever21plus @ByAshleyStewart and @LaneBryant. All can be paired with a cute sandal, heel, or your favorite sneaker, depending on your mood and the occasion. So, long story “Short”, get your cute butt out there and buy yourselves a new pair of shorts!!! You Are Worth It.


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