Curls For Days!!!

So everyone has been asking me what I do to my hair to achieve the look I have.  I’ve pondered on if I would do a post on my hair products or not, because it literally has to be an individual decision based on many factors. I’ll share to create more options for anyone who’s stuck in their natural hair journey.

First and foremost, I must state that I have been natural since 2011 so my hair is completely free from any and all chemicals and that makes a huge difference on how your hair will respond. My hair is also naturally very curly so I don’t have to do any twisting or hard work to create curls like some natural hair textures. I, like any other naturalista have tried many products in these 6 years to find just what works for me so please don’t get discouraged if you’re still searching. What you want to remember is less is more and to try to keep it sulfate free!

The products that contain all of the difficult words to pronounce are sometimes not all natural products and could possibly alter your results. Look for the products that contain water, fruits, and oils and you should be good. I’m must confess that I was not totally free with my natural hair until I chopped it all off about 4 months ago!!! Even though I’ve been natural all of this time, I never did the big chop and I’ve had a million different styles over the years including, but not limited to weave and wigs! Although, some were protective styles I never allowed my true curl pattern the chance to shine through. Just like any other hair style, you must nurture natural hair for the best results. I started over by chopping about 6 inches off of my natural hair. I chose a style not too short, but short enough to make maintenance easier and give me an idea of just how short I could go.

After a few weeks at that length, I determined I needed to go shorter and give more personality with a defined cut. Eureka!!!! That was the first step to my natural hair freedom. Now the product choices were much easier. I could do so much more with much less. Pictured here are the only products I use in my hair now, and I am completely satisfied with my results. Like I disclosed earlier, my hair texture is already very curly, so my products are not so much to create curls but more so to moisturize, condition, define, and hydrate the curls that already exist.

As you can see here, I use the Coconut Curls line by OGX. The shampoo and conditioner really work together great to completely moisturize and soften each strain. I only shampoo my hair about once every 5 days, because as you know shampooing too often even with natural shampoo can strip the conditioner away from your strains that is needed to remain completely moisturized. I wet my hair daily and I sometimes put some of the conditioner on my hair and I leave it in all day in addition to the other products I use. Next, I spray some of the Creme of Nature 7-in- 1 leave in treatments all over for extra hydration and the amazing smell. Then, I put a generous amount of the OGX Coconut Curls frizz-defying hairstyling milk all throughout to ensure the weather won’t affect my style.

Lastly, I apply some of the OGX Coconut Curls curling hair butter in sections starting at my roots then taking it to the very ends of my curls for the ultimate definition! The brush you see here is my Demnan brush which is a real life saver matched with my short style when it comes to detangling. I brush completely through my hair before and after I wash it every 5 days or so.

I can’t talk about my hair and leave out the fact that my awesome cut is maintained monthly by my good friend Erica Dean and you can follow her and her awesome hair tips on IG @naturalista4evea! The hands in your natural hair does really matter! Well there you have it guys, this is my hair regimen and what it takes for me to achieve the style you see me rocking daily!!!  Smooches!!!

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