What Season Is It Really?

If I haven’t learned one thing being born and raised in Southeast Texas, I’ve learned not to be married to whatever season we are “supposed” to be in!!! So you don’t get frustrated, make sure to add several pieces to your wardrobe that can bridge from one season to the next!!! Sure we don’t want to be way off with what we walk out of the house in, but we definitely want to be comfortable!! It’s no secret that we won’t have the type of winter that requires snow suits and a special set of tires, but people up North will down right get a kick out of the type of winters we really have here! I have learned to appreciate those perfect days, where we have just the right amount of sun matched with a cool breeze to make you want to grab a book and find the nearest tree.

Here I have on a comfortable long-sleeved knit dress that can be found at Forever 21, that is warm enough to block a cool breeze yet has a material that will breathe. I added a knee length, blue jean jacket that can be found at Modlily Fashions, for a different look and to catch any chill that may come. I chose a neutral stiletto sandal also from Forever 21 to add to the ensemble which could be a winter no no, but I made sure they were a suede material to compliment the season. Just in case a cool front came over us, I topped off this start of winter get-up with a suede earth-toned hat, also found at Forever 21 to seal in some heat if necessary!!!

So there you have it folks, we don’t have to be conflicted with what to wear in a particular season when the weather chooses not to cooperate!!! Add your own flavor with your choice of accessories and you’re good to go!!! Smooches!!!


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